An Alternative to Wireless Network Extenders for Multi-Carrier Indoor Cellular Coverage

Added June 16, 2011

In a perfect world, your mobile phone would always find a reliable indoor connection for voice and data, however, as any cell phone user can tell you, dead spots remain regardless of the cell phone provider. Companies such as Verizon Wireless have come up with wireless network extenders in an effort to provide indoor cellular access. Although it is a valiant effort on their part, the network extender ($249) only has the capability of supporting three users, and the coverage area is minimal at best (40 foot open area). Verizon’s goal with this product is "to make the Verizon Wireless voice service more readily available inside buildings where the signal is weak, such as rural locales, office buildings, or basements." Similar to Verizon Wireless, Sprint and ATT both offer single carrier Wireless Network Extenders for their customers as well.

Although suitable for the single user resident or business owner, the Wireless Network Extender does not provide a solution for multiple users in a multi-carrier indoor environment. The ideal solution to optimize indoor cellular coverage in a multi-user business environment is a dual band multi-carrier application, of which can be reviewed at Seamless Cellular offers cost-effective solutions for buildings as small as a few thousand square feet up to million square foot multiple building campus environments. Visit the Seamless Cellular website at for a simple yet affordable solution that will bring strong cellular signal into your commercial office or home.

Seamless Cellular is the industry’s leading provider of cellular coverage solutions. Rather than low budget single- carrier Network Extenders, they provide multi-carrier cell phone repeater systems which transmit the strong outdoor cellular voice and data signal for multiple user indoor accessibility. Their professional staff will design a complete system for your commercial or residential needs, complete with product and professional installation if required. All products are FCC approved and carry a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Rather than a plastic box and a false pretense of deliverability, Seamless Cellular actually provides a quality solution that provides value and optimum performance.

Let Seamless Cellular provide you with a cellular coverage solution that provides seamless voice and data connectivity throughout your building or home. Experienced technicians are always available to answer your questions and the service and knowledge is unparalleled in the industry. Call 1-877-551-5445 today for more information or to request a free quote, or visit